What is a Sleep Bracelet?

What is a Sleep Bracelet?
July 29, 2017 Philip Stein

Many of us live busy, always-on-the-go lives. Between stressful work deadlines and family obligations, there’s no wonder why getting enough sleep is often deprioritized. But the reality is, the less sleep you get at night, the less you’ll be able to focus during the day.

Chronic insomnia is detrimental to the mind and body. A lack of sleep can lead to poor memory, lack of alertness and severe problems like heart attack, diabetes and stroke.

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet can be a natural, medication-free solution for reducing stress, anxiety, tension and for getting a more restful night’s sleep. Its proprietary wearable sleep technology promotes overall well-being by helping to maintain a healthy balance between mind, body and spirit. The result: better quality sleep.

But what exactly is a “sleep bracelet” and how does it work? How can it help you fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly and wake up feeling revitalized and refreshed?

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about the bracelet.

What is a Sleep Bracelet?

A sleep bracelet is a soft and comfortable sleep band that’s designed to be worn at night to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. The power of the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet lies in its embedded metal disk, which is programmed to tap into the Earth’s natural frequencies to help the body increase the production of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. The bracelet doesn’t require a power source like a mobile phone or battery-operated device, so it’s ultra-portable and travel-friendly.

How Does the Sleep Bracelet Work?

The bracelet’s technology, Natural Frequency Technology, is centered around the theory that human-made frequencies emitted by technology like mobile phones are causing the body to fall out of sync with Earth’s natural frequencies. The result: stress, anxiety and insomnia. The bracelet’s embedded disk acts like an antenna that taps into and channels the Earth’s natural frequencies back into the body to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

How Do I Use the Sleep Bracelet?

You should wear the bracelet around your wrist at night for 15 to 20 minutes before falling asleep. Keep it on while you’re sleeping and simply take it off in the morning.

Remember that your body might need some time to adjust to the technology, so it’s a good idea to wear the bracelet for at least 30 consecutive nights before evaluating its effectiveness. You know the technology is working when you find yourself falling asleep more quickly, sleep soundly and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Has the Sleep Bracelet Shown Positive Results?

According to a randomized, double-blind research study, 64% of study participants who wore the Sleep Bracelet reported feeling more refreshed when they woke up in the morning; 61% stated that they had more pleasant dreams, and 43% of participants said they fell asleep faster. Philip Stein continues to work with research institutes around the world to scientifically demonstrate the benefits of Natural Frequency Technology on the body.

What Styles of Sleep Bracelets are Available?

The bracelet is available in two main styles: Classic and Slim.

The Classic Sleep Bracelet comes in three steel case colors: rose gold, silver and black. Each Classic bracelet comes with a comfortable interchangeable microfiber strap, available in navy, dark brown, camel and black.

The Slim Sleep Bracelet comes with either a rose gold or black case with a clear glass window that shows the embedded disc. Its interchangeable microfiber strap is available in a variety of colors including sea blue, purple, gray, camel, black and dark brown.

Philip Stein Classic Sleep Bracelet Philip Stein Slim Sleep Bracelet
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Philip Stein Sleep Bracelets are stylish, comfortable and uniquely designed to help you wake up each day feeling revitalized and refreshed.


  1. Lois Lackey 2 years ago

    I love my sleep bracelet. I have the slim one and did not see all the bands that are available. I wish I had known about the other colours available to us. How could I receive them if I would like to have one? I have help Dan and Dan speak about how happy I was at buying my bracelet. I was on an Alaskan Cruise and purchased my bracelet at Diamonds International. I am so pleased thank you.


  2. hks 2 years ago

    which hand side is suitable to wear?

  3. Tina M Frary 1 year ago

    I can’t say enough about these bracelets – I have only had mine for a week but this is unbelievable!!!
    Ever since the birth of my second son 23 yrs ago, I have had issues with sleep.
    I was on Ambien in the past, however, after taking them for so many years and doing things in my sleep I didn’t remember it started scaring me…
    Then I tried taking melatonin (up until last week, I was taking 10-14 10mg a night) and still had trouble sleeping!
    My husband sent me a link on FB about this bracelet (figuring it was probably snake oil) but I decided to order one anyway…
    WOW!!! I wish I had known about these YEARS ago!!! This is the first time in so many years I go to sleep without any meds and stay asleep!!! I just can’t thank you enough!!!

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