Discover 4 benefits of having a workout buddy!

Discover 4 benefits of having a workout buddy!
October 24, 2019 Philip Stein

Our fitness goals can sometimes seem very far away from where we are, and it’s hard not to struggle with motivation, especially in this colder and rainy weather. Well, finding someone to train with might be the solution you need, even if you are used to training on your own. Having a workout buddy can have a significant impact on helping you improve your performance, and here are a few reasons why.


It’s cold, dark, and you are feeling extremely comfortable. Maybe today you’ll permit yourself to skip the gym, right? Surely this rings a bell for most of us. Don’t feel bad; it’s normal. When we train on our own, we are more likely to indulge in laziness and lack the motivation to get up from the couch.

Setting up a workout schedule with at least one friend helps you commit to your routine. There’sThere’s that feeling of not wanting to disappoint someone who counts on you that will push you out of your house.


For many of us, training seems like a serious activity but, why not make it fun? Working out with a friend or a group can make the experience much more enjoyable. Sharing tips about each other’s performance, joining efforts to add a different twist to specific exercises, trying new routines… everything can be an upgrade, making you more prone to commit to physical activities over the long-term. That social contact brings laughter and camaraderie that will have you looking forward to the next session in no time.


Even when you rather stay at home, procrastinating, knowing that your buddy is counting on you, will probably make you jump off the couch. And it’s worth it. No matter how tired you feel, both verbal and non-verbal motivation is present. The first one, pushing you to complete that final series that you thought impossible. And also, if your arms feel exhausted, your buddy can always support you, reducing the probability of injuries.

Healthy competition is inevitable, so you’ll push yourself harder than if you were alone, just to keep up with your friend and as a challenge. Without that competition, you probably would never put that kind of effort, testing your limits, and promoting improvement.


Once people start watching positive results from their training, a bit of ego could push through. Having a workout buddy can keep too much on that in check. It’s good to celebrate the milestones achieved, but reaching the best version of yourself is always an on-going effort; your buddy will probably help you look at the big picture and find the energy to keep healthily pushing your limits.


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