Christian Taylor: the joy (and challenge!) of pursuing your best self

Christian Taylor: the joy (and challenge!) of pursuing your best self
October 1, 2019 Philip Stein

“I’ve always been a soccer fanatic. My dad and I were sitting in the family room, and I watched the World Cup. Watching the guys putting the jerseys over their heads, and celebrating together; I said: one day I want to be on the world stage, where the world is eyes on you, and it’s your moment to shine”.

It’s been a long way since that day, and Taylor’s career now displays a vast collection of shiny moments, trophies, and medals. The latest one? This past September 29th, and on the verge of disqualification after two foul jumps, he came back with three fantastic jumps to win his 4th World Triple Jump Championship in Doha, Qatar!

He’s also the current Olympic champion. And having won the last two editions in London (2012) and Rio (2016); now, he has his eyes set on the upcoming games at Tokyo (2020).

*Pictures courtesy of Jorge Luis Alvarez Pupo.

After so many wins and all those years on the top of the world stage he dreamt of as a boy, Christian’s pursuit of success is still going strong, with all his focus aimed at breaking that elusive world record of 18.29m set by Jonathan Edwards in 1995. He came close in the 2015 World Championships in Beijing where he landed an impressive jump of 18.21m (Just eight centimeters shy from the world record and the second-longest jump in history.)

“It’s very important to look at the entire picture. Whether that’s my diet, whether that’s my rest, whether that’s just my mindset while I’m competing or training. So, there are many different factors to getting on top, but I think, really just finding that balance, that inner balance is key to getting where I want to be. When I stand on the runway and I look down it’s a complete tunnel. I don’t hear any noise and it’s all about that moment in time.”

*Pictures courtesy of Jorge Luis Alvarez Pupo.

As one of our Brand Ambassadors, Christian is always striving for that sense of actual wellbeing. He emphasizes the importance of being connected with Earth and the things around you because that energy can transfer into you and your life.

“My relationship with Philip Stein is key to my success. What the brand stands for and the technology behind it, it’s something that fascinates me from the beginning. If anything can help get the recovery that I need, finding that inner balance, and lower my stress and anxiety in those high-pressure moments, how’s that not a benefit?”.



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